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Build Your Own Library - No Assembly Required

Build Your Own Library - No Assembly Required

Ever dream of having your own library but don't have the extra room or space? Today, i'll show you how to transform your living room, hallway, or office  into a library without clutter or overcrowding the space. 

The key is to stay clutter free this can be achieved with some creativity.

  1. You turn your bar into a bookshelf bar
  2. Add a bookshelf along side your desk
  3. Store books under your stairs or alongside the stairs
  4. Build some shelves up high without taking up floor space
  5. Wrap bookshelves around your couch
  6. Make your bookshelf a work of art
  7. Place bench filled with books at the end of your bed
  8. Dedicate a whole wall or hidden shelves with cabinet doors
  9. Replace closet with bookshelves

There is empty space all over your home you just have to look. Below are some photos to show you how this can be achieved. 

Designs That Inspire

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Build Your Dream Library

Regardless of style your going for we put together our Fae'vorite bookshelf picks. Click the photo to go directly to that item to learn more. 
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