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Ten DIY Canopy Beds

Ten DIY Canopy Beds

Growing up I was obsessed with canopy beds, it wasn't until years of pestering my mother I finally got one in High School.  Sadly, my college didn't allow me to bring my bed in the dorm room and rightfully so.  But, it didn't stop me from having a canopy bed.  Today, i'll show you several affordable easy ways you can make your own canopy bed. If a poor college student can do it, so can you! 

Why do I love canopy beds? Well, besides the face it looks good. I believe it creates a sanctuary separating, you from all the stresses in the world.  Its a great way to create a quite relaxing safe place that allows you to feel like you're sleeping on cloud nine. 

DIY Canopy Bed

Click On The Photo For Instructions. For Best Mobile View Turn Your Phone Horizontal. 

Pictured on the left this canopy uses a hula hoop! Apartment Therapy created this simple guide, however, to make it simpler you can skip the sewing part and just buy a hula hoop.

If you purchase a hula hoop and skip the sewing, we give this DIY 5/5 for easiness and affordability.

Home Talk put together an elegant inexpensive canopy DIY, pictured on the right. Using Table cloth and curtain rods. 

Expected to only take thirty mins and cost less than $30.00 no sewing need, we give this DIY a 5/5 for easiness and affordability. 


Fellow blogger Rosy Red Buttons shows you how to make this canopy bed out of thumbtacks.  We love how simple and easy this is, but the aesthetics could be better. We give this DIY 4/5 for easiness and affordability but highly recommend painting it the wood white to blend better. 


One of my favorite retailers One Kings Lane also put together an amazing DIY, pictured on the left.  Using pipes, glue, and drapes you too can achieve this look. Since you can't buy most of these materials just anywhere we gave this DIY 4/5 for easiness and affordability.  


By far our favorite canopy DIY comes from Design Sponge.  Pictured on th left, I think you can see why. This one is slightly more complicated but worth it. Using a pattern fabric and two curtain rods. Looking for the right print does take time so we gave this DIY 3/5 for easiness and affordability but its worth it!!



Young House Love, shows us how to make your very own day bed canopy.  Also, a twin dorm room beds turned into a canopy daybed doubles as a couch, stylish and welcoming.  This DIY is gorgeous but it does require a drill and tools.  Thats why we are giving it a 3/5 for easiness and affordability. 

If your child loves camping or into nature this DIY is for you. Make every child's dream come true with The Ragged Wren Camping Tent Bed. A trip to Lowe's is all you need but the shopping list is extensive so we gives this DIY a 2/5 for easiness and affordability



Still don't like any of the DIY's above, picture on the right is every canopy blueprint imaginable. Thanks to Antique Drapery Rod for this handy guide. Due to the complexity we give this DIY a 1/5 for easiness and affordability


Pictured on the left is every child's dream bed. Skooks' Playground shows you how to turn a lamp shade into a flower canopy. Sewing is involved but the end results are great so due to the fact you need a sewing machine we gave this DIY a 2/5 for easiness and affordability


Country Living put together this easy to follow day bed canopy DIY, pictured on the left.  The only thing hard about this DIY is picking the fabric. We give it a 4/5 for easiness and affordability. 



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