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Inspirational Recreation White Living Room

Inspirational Recreation White Living Room

With more then 67,000 repins, this inspirational living room exudes a sense of heaven on earth. This is accomplished by using neutral colors with little contrast results in a peaceful calming environment.  I personally like this image because its cozy, warm, and welcoming for your guests. Living rooms are where guests spend most of there time.  So, its very important to have an inviting living room, its what your guest will remember most when they leave. 

So, lets break down the decor. 

Colors-White, off white, and black accents.

Material/theme-Solid prints, basic patterns, textured fabrics, and natural material such as wood. 

Décor- Off white sofa, grey rug, pillows, white blanket, black arc lamp, Paris Louvre photograph, wooden coffee table, white vase, black & white box, and white accents. 

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Off White Sofa

Grey Rug



White Blanket

Black Arc Lamp

Paris Louvre Photograph

Wooden Coffee Table

White & Glass Accents

Black & White Box

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Fae's Finds

Fae's Finds

Fae's Finds

Fae's Finds