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Pillow Talk

"Euro, King, Bolster, & Boudoir." Now that's my kind of pillow talk.  Who knew there were so many pillow options out there. Thankfully, not as many as bedding! 

First lets pick our pillow type, then we'll select the material to fill it with. Below is a simple diagram from Huffington Post, that educates you on everything about pillow types:

Now what material should you fill your pillows withDown, Feather, or Gel?

  1. Down Pillows-Naturally filled with soft feathers found closest to the body on Ducks or Geese. More expensive then poly-cluster. Conform to head like a soft cloud. Natural insulation provides warmth and comfort. Popular choice among stomach sleepers, as they require a light-support pillow. When shopping, note the fill-power rating on down pillows. This rating refers to the fill’s loft (fluff factor); the higher the fill power, the fluffier the pillow.
  2. Feather Pillows-Feather pillows use the outer layer of goose or duck feathers for the fill. Resulting in a heavier, firmer medium-support pillow. This pillow is favored among back and side sleepers.
  3. Memory Foam Pillows-Conforms to your shape. Natural curvature supports your spine and neck. Popular among people with back and neck pain. Long lasting and don’t lose their shape. The pillow needs to be replaced less compared to synthetic-fill pillows. Please keep in mind some memory foam retains heat, so if you are inclined to sweat you might want other options.
  4. Synthetic Fill Pillows-Most affordable pillow is filled with man made fibers, usually polyester. These pillows are odor free, soft, little firm, hypoallergenic and machine washable. Synthetic fills will not hold their shape so be prepared to replace them every 10 to 12 months.
  5. Poly Cluster Fill Pillows-Just as affordable as synthetic but just as fluffy and soft as down pillows. Poly cluster fill’s are hypoallergenic and may also provide relief for allergy sufferers.
  6. Neck Pillows-Neck pillows, aka contour pillows, are usually made from memory foam or latex. This contoured shape creates a cradle for your neck, which helps align your spine. Because it keeps the neck straight and the airways open, a neck pillow can also improve quality of sleep for would-be snorers, and their spouses.
  7. Gel Pillows-Gel pillows, aka microfiber gel or gel fiber pillows, are a budget-friendly man-made pillows that incorporate the soft warmth of down pillows. These pillows are machine washable, easy care, and conform to give you support where you need it.

Did you know there were so many types pillows? Whats your type?

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