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Recreating Inspirational Images

Recreating Inspirational Images

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This French home features an office picture that has been repined more than 7,500 times. What makes this Office popular?  It's natural, simple, Bohemian chic, symmetrical, and blended perfectly. So, lets break it down so you can add some or all aspects of this inspirational masterpiece.

And don't forget every Sunday i'll break down and find some of the most famous inspirational interior decor images or photos submitted by you.   

Colors- White, Tan, Beige, and Browns.

Material/Theme- Nature such as Hypde Prints, Wood, Clay, and Wicker.

Décor- Desk, Chair, Planters, Baskets, and Bull Skull 

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Unfortunately, this desk was self made.  You can make one similar by purchasing two ladder or tent style bookshelves and two long white shelves. If you want to skip the DIY, below are similar desk that keep the same décor style. Simply click on the picture to purchase.






Bull Horns



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Inspiration - African Safari

Inspiration - African Safari

Shop African Safari

Shop African Safari