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Recreating Inspirational Images

Recreating Inspirational Images

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Are you sick and tired of seeing these beautiful photos all over the internet but have no idea how to recreate or buy that gorgeous pillow, table, or sofa?  Well your wishes have been answered.  

Every Sunday i'll break down and show you how to recreate famous inspirational interior décor images or photos that you've submitted.  

Our first recreation image I found on Pintrest.  It also happens to be the personal Living Room of The Every Girl co-founder Alaina Kaczmarski.  It's easy to see why this image has been repined more then 8,000 times, it has a perfect balance of contemporary and edgy.  

Lets being to break it down so you can add some or all aspects of this inspirational masterpiece.  

Colors-neutral basic calming colors, such as grey. 

Material/theme-solids mixed with funky prints 

cor- Several Décor Frames, Couch, Five Pillows, Coffee Table and Rug. 

Simply just click on the picture to purchase that item.

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Several Décor Frames

Grey Couch

Five Funky Print Pillows

Coffee Table


Is this a look you would recreate? What look would you want to see next on Recreating Inspirational Images?

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