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Recreational Inspiration Serenity Bedroom

Recreational Inspiration Serenity Bedroom

With more then 175,000 repins, this inspirational bedroom exudes serenity.  Using neutral colors with little contrast results in a peaceful calming environment, perfect for the bedroom. With minimum decor this bedroom is a great example of how color and lack of it can completely transform a room into a heavenly sanctuary.  Just looking at this picture you want to climb into bed and snuggle up with the one you love, mine happens to be a four legged friend. 

So, lets break it down so you can add some or all aspects of this inspirational masterpiece.  

Colors-White, shades of grey and natural wood.

Material/theme-Solid prints mixed with textured fabric and natural material such as wood. 

Décor- Wooden knick knacks, black&white ocean photograph, grey sham, white sham, grey&white pillows, white duvet, wooden frame, silver lamp, and wooden table at foot of the bed.

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Wooden & Copper Knick Knacks

Black&White Ocean Photograph

Grey Sham & White Sham

Grey&White Pillows

White Duvet

Wooden Frame

Silver Lamp

Wooden Table

This table is simply made of a pile of magazines for legs and huge slate of wood for the base. To recreate simply buy your favorite magazines that match the color scheme and a wooden shelf. However, if you want to skip the DIY below are some similar tables. 

Would you recreate this look? What look would you like to see next? 

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