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Upgrade Your Bathroom

Weekends are the perfect time to start new projects.  This weekend why not upgrade your bathroom? Below are projects that also add value to your home without hiring a contractor.  Most of these projects can be completed in less than an hour.  Only have an hour? Pick one project & do the next project next weekend!

Below each project is photos to inspire & our Fae'vorite stylish affordable upgrades. Looking upgrade & organize your bathroom, click here to learn how to organize &stay organized.


Replace your cabinet knobs, shower curtain rod, door knobs & fixtures. 

Cabinet & Door Knobs We Love

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Replace outdated shower curtains, mirror, rugs, toothbrush holder, & more. 

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Repaint walls, cabinets, & even the shower frame. Below are our Fae'vorite paint schemes to get you inspired & motivated.  If you haven't read our breakdown of the emotional affects of each color, click here.




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