Fae Décor specializes in one-on-one projects within multiple budgets and locations including but not limited to:


Selling or renting a home or apartment and need some extra props? Or just need to rearrange what you have? With our special touch, we can boost interests in your properties. Studies show that well done decor can increase rent and sales by 70% this is one return on investment you don't want to miss. 

Décor Makeovers

Want to redo one room or multiple rooms?  Don't have time to decorate or pick out items that would meet your décor needs? Allow us to help you achieve your décor dreams.  We listen to what you want, not what we want.  We help you figure out what your trying to achieve, by working closely with you.   We do this by open one-on-one communication, mood boards, and handpicked décor items.

Décor makeovers aren't just for the home, but Offices too. We help your company create an inspiring environment, your employees will never want to leave! According to Forbes and a study by Cornell University the right décor can increase mood and productivity.

Bespoke Fae's Finds-Your BFF

Want to refresh your home with exclusive handpicked items just for you?  Fill out this quick form and receive at least ten monthly handpicked items based on your price range, trends, style, and needs.    This personalized interior décor shopper can be yours for the price of a cup of coffee, $3.99 a month. PayPal and all major credit cards accepted. Change your preferences or cancel at anytime.  See a sample of Your BFF by clicking here.

 E-Décor Makeovers

Not in the NYC area, don't worry we also do interior décor across the world! Thanks to today's technology we can virtual set you up. We're strong believers in communication so even if you have last minute questions or don't know how to hang that piece of artwork, we're here to help.  We can assist via Facetime, Skype, email, text, and phone. This service is individualized and fits your style, space, and budget. To learn more click here.

Want to learn more contact us today, we're here to help!